Blueprint | Art editor, art director 1984-91

The first title of its kind to attempt to reach a wider audience outside of the professional disciplines which it covered Blueprint set a precedent for a quality of writing especially on architectural subjects which was subsequently adopted by all the quality newspapers.

The magazine had the aesthetic of an intelligent tabloid, its large format allowing maximum display potential for its no nonsense heavy Helvetica Condensed headlines and grainy reportage photography by the likes of Phil Sayer or drawings of cityscapes by Paul Cox.

In the early issues only the covers were in full colour – traditionally a stark 35mm head shot of an up-and-coming architect. Soon colour was introduced to the editorial well and classic 5x4 format architectural photographs began to dominate.

Assistant art editor: 1985-1988 (Art editor Simon Esterson)
Art editor: 1988-91

Winner of D&AD silver 1989